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Our services include the following:

Non Profit Specialists

Address the inherent challenges commonly faced in the non-profit sector. Fund development, financial management, community engagement, marketing, board development, project management, policy creation and strategic planning.  Refresh and grow your organization with an outside perspective that will successfully deliver your social cause.  

Entertainment Producers 

Produce timely and relevant content for your project or event. Build creative content and tell the story effectively with impact.  Acquire talent, media relations, event management and digital engagement on the platforms that will monetize your initiative.  Custom solutions that will reduce risk and increase your rewards through professional crowd management leaders that will manage your audience in a safe and responsible manner.   

Advocates for Creative Economy

Foster development through stakeholder engagement and public policy to recognize the arts and culture industry sectors as essential parts of Albertans quality of life.  Collaborators of different cultural industries, levels of government and the business community which leads to consistent work for all those who choose to define their careers in the creative community.


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